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About Us

Why was Rent Car 4 Less Launched?
The Rent a Car business is evolving in the same level as IT services and basically as everything in the world. With the turn over of the Millennium and the rise of the Internet the traditional distribution channels changed causing thousands of intermediary e-Companies to emerge. The boost in the business was in the beginning very beneficial to the general Customer, where for the 1st time was possible and fast to compare prices and do better deals. As Brokers grew the traditional markets shrink, and so the rental prices. The main concern then was "volume", so Brokers pushed the Car Rental Companies to price levels unbearable to survive with the usual level of service. The Car Rental Companies were forced to adjust their costs to suppress prejudice in order to survive. Consequently the quality in the sector dropped drastically. That was not a major issue to the online Car Rental Brokers as a Complaint was just a single drop in the middle of millions of users and "volume" was the key. Customer Service satisfaction was left apart. If a Client wasn't happy, his bad experience would hardly be known and a million more would book with the same faulty Companies. For the 1st time in many years the Customer stopped being considered as some one to fully satisfy guaranteeing his loyalty and regularity to be considered just a number in the sales ranks. Clients were easily changing Brokers but still clicking on the same price level and most of the time ended up with the same unreliable suppliers, adding more bad experiences causing a general bad reputation for the business. An opportunity was now open to make the difference. In 2003 was born to bring an added value to the market and be an alternative to Customers caring for reliability, service, cars in good conditions, NO excess hassle free, good value for few money, and someone on the other end of the phone line ready 24/7 to solve any problem fast, friendly and effective.
Rent Car 4 Less Suppliers
All our Suppliers are handpicked according to trustworthiness, reliability, Customer service, responsiveness, professionalism and quality of the fleet. Only the best car rental Companies in Portugal work with Rent Car 4 Less. Cheap Rental prices in Portugal are agreed with our suppliers to guarantee the highest service level and still competitiveness. Cheap Rent a car in Lisbon Airport with ZERO excess is truly a deal you can't miss. Low Cost Faro airport car hire services with ZERO excess are now available for our valuable Customers and we can guarantee the best value for the money ratio in the Algarve. Your feedback is important to us and helps maintaining the high reputation we have in the Portuguese Car Hire market. Please leave your thoughts, suggestions and experience with us here.

Self Internet Car Hire Platform
Our Internet platform was designed by us in partnership with JavaLi Open Source Services, a Company based in one of the most reliable Universities in Portugal (Universidade Nova de Lisboa). This Internet platform is a powerful tool to safely book a car online for Lisbon, Oporto, Faro and all the Algarve. We have a secure system for online credit card payments, an easy 4 steps to fast reserve your perfect rental car in Portugal. You can as well free download Maps here and useful information you might need to fully enjoy your vacations in Portugal.

Rent Car 4 Less ZERO Excess
We provide high quality All Inclusive car rental services in Portugal, from Faro Airport to all the Algarve cities and location, plus Lisbon Airport and Lisbon Downtown. We operate as well in Oporto Airport Car hire and Oporto Downtown Rent a Car. All our cars are supplied with a Full Comprehensive Insurance with ZERO Excess / No Deductible amount. SCDW is included with No Excess making us a truly All Inclusive Company. Don't get Confused with other advertised "All Inclusive" deals which end you up with just an CDW coverage. If you wish to have a cheaper price with Low Excess amount try our Sister Company Hire Car 4 Less.There are other "All Inclusive" deals with ZERO Excess, but with a long list of exclusions plus difficult procedures to follow to be refunded making it virtually impossible to truly have access to the advertised ZERO excess. We don't bring down the traditional value for the excess. We totally eliminate the Excess! With Rent Car 4 Less you can enjoy your Vacations in a more relaxed state of mind not having to think about "what could happen if..". Check our rental conditions.

Areas Served by Rent Car 4 Less
We are specialized in the Portuguese Car Rental business. We do not intend to turn "big". We believe aiming our expertise to a single market able us to be more dutiful to the Customer and serve him with the care and attention he deserves. We are as well thinking of expending to other markets, but in similarity with Portugal, will only put it online after we're 100% sure it's going to work perfectly. So far we can guarantee we are the most reliable Rent a Car Broker in Portugal serving you with rental cars in Faro Airport, Lisbon Airport, Oporto Airport, and all Algarve cities.

Low Cost price range
At Rent Car 4 Less all prices are situated in the Low Cost price range, still guaranteeing a high level of service and reliability. In the begging of each season all prices are agreed with our reliable local suppliers to match or undertake the competition. If you find any quote cheaper than Rent Car 4 Less it's because their service is seriously compromised. Avoid unnecessary risks for cheaper quotes. Check for reviews on the Internet. Rent cheap and safe at!

24/7 Service
Rent Car 4 Less is 24 hours per day, 365 days a year at your disposal. No matter what the situation or problem you'll always have an immediate answer and resolution from our high qualified staff. You'll be provided with a round the clock support contact number, plus additional useful local tips and info (Maps; Documentation). Feel free to go anywhere, Rent Car 4 Less will be continuously on your side to serve you fast on a friendly manner.

Rent Car 4 Less Motto
Our policy is not focussed on sales volume, money quick snaps and in easy profit. We intend to fully satisfy our Clientele making them loyal and regular Customers.